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Gentle Trauma Therapy


I use gentle, somatic and psychosensory, and inner-relational (parts-based therapy) methods, in a flexible, collaborative, three-phased creative approach to trauma therapy. In this way, I support you to bring safety and stabilisation into your autonomic nervous system, and to regain access to your internal resources and to discover empowerment in the options available to you. Once you are freed from the symptoms of trauma, which may include distressing flashbacks, nightmares, dissociation and the feeling of always being burdened by the past, you can move forward with a new sense of purpose, confidence, peace, embodiment and integration.

Mental Health Support

I offer mental health support with a difference: we work together, at your pace, engaging with your embodied experience, meaning that this is more than a talking therapy. My gentle approach to somatic and psychosensory therapy can help you achieve a felt shift in states of anxiety, depression stuckness, overwhelm and burnout and to find sustainable ways forward. I teach Beyond Mindfulness as a gentle approach to well-being, because it is trauma-informed, and supports and respects neurodivergence.

Enquiries are also welcome for Embodied Coaching sessions and one to one or group wellbeing sessions.

Gentle Trauma Therapy & Somatic, Inner-Relational Mental Health Support

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