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Integrative counselling uses a non-judgemental, empathic approach to enable deep exploration of client issues.

I help clients feel more attuned with their authentic selves again, by providing a safe space for them to talk openly about their feelings. By listening with empathy and non-judgement, I can help clients ‘normalise’ some of the negative thoughts and feelings they are having, and we often then go forwards to explore more deeply what might be creating some of this dis-comfort.


Based on a ‘person-centred’ foundation of counselling, my approach is not about giving advice but more about helping empower clients to become the best version of themselves that they want to be. Some clients like to work quickly others like to move more slowly. Whatever works for the client, works for me.


Another way of describing a person-centred, therapeutic journey is by imagining we’re going on a journey together, through a dark cave, with the client leading the way. I follow, shining a torch in dark areas that I think may be of significance. If clients want to stop and work on bringing light to that area of the journey, we do so. More light means more understanding, and clients then have the option and clarity to make change. 


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