What if there is a safe space? Space where you are accepted and empowered to really hear yourself and understand your experience, to get the clarity you have been searching for?

Counselling is a confidential space for you to connect with yourself and aim for integrity and peacefulness. I offer non-judgmental and empathic support in finding your own path. During the therapy, you discover your behaviour patterns, boundaries, and learn to be assertive.

My approach. The way I work with my clients.

My approach is holistic, based on person-centred principles. This means that I follow you, trusting that all the answers are within you. My aim is to hear and understand what’s important to you and support your journey in finding these answers. 

I’m introducing elements of psychodynamics to help clients to understand how the past affects today's difficulties. The clients learn to recognize their feelings and slow down overwhelming thoughts. Clients learn to express emotions and understand where they are coming from. If feelings are too difficult to express in words, I introduce creativity, using various methods of expression. By introducing mindfulness, I help in regaining contact with their body and reduce physical tension.

I strongly believe that self-awareness and self-compassion lead to healthy changes in various aspects of life.

What do I offer?

I support clients with trauma and anxiety as well as difficulties related to:


  • A feeling of isolation and loneliness

  • Difficulties in communication in personal and professional life

  • Low self-esteem and heavy feelings of guilt and shame

If you would like to get in touch

You can book an initial session by sending an email. You are welcome to email me to schedule a free no-obligation 15-minute initial consultation. This is a chance for us to talk and for you to find out a bit more about counselling. We can speak and see if the way that I work suits you at this time.


Tel. 07786 821 775