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Naturally engaging your subconscious mind, for a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life

The overwhelming majority of people respond at some level to hypnosis. The likelihood is that hypnotherapy can help you if you’re looking to make changes in your life.

Hypnosis is a naturally-occurring, altered state of awareness, with no unpleasant side-effects and you are always in control from start to finish. And when carried out by a trained and qualified hypnotherapist most issues can be tackled in relatively few sessions and the benefits are often permanent. 


  • How Does Hypnosis Work?

There are many theories as to how hypnosis works and research suggests that hypnosis is an altered state of awareness that allows positive, beneficial suggestions to be directly “planted” into your uncritical subconscious mind, bypassing the more critical faculties of your conscious mind. 

This altered state of awareness or consciousness is largely characterized by a state of suggestibility, showing an increased ability to produce desirable changes in motivation, habits, lifestyle, health, perception and behaviour as well as modifying physical sensation – often used in pain relief.

  • What is a ‘Trance State’?

Perhaps surprisingly, we experience trance states (altered states of awareness) and have hypnotic experiences routinely during the course of our lives. Even drifting into sleep involves a kind of trance state. Experiencing hypnosis is similar, but hypnosis is not sleep: it is a narrowing of the focus of attention and is usually underpinned by a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation. 

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